Timetables & Maps

  • Newport to Cowes

    via St Mary's Hospital, Parkhurst, Northwood, Park & Ride or Round House

  • 2

    Newport to Ryde

    via Merstone, Godshill, Shanklin, Sandown, Brading, Tesco

  • Newport to Ryde

    via Rookley, Godshill, Ventnor, Shanklin, Sandown, Brading, Tesco

  • 4

    Ryde to East Cowes

    via Binstead, Wootton, Whippingham, Osborne House

  • Newport to East Cowes

    via Medina, Whippingham, Osborne House

  • 6

    Newport to Ventnor

    via Chillerton, Chale, Blackgang Chine, Niton, Whitwell

  • 7

    Newport to Alum Bay

    via Shalfleet & Cranmore or Calbourne & Wellow, Yarmouth, Freshwater, Totland

  • 8

    Newport to Ryde

    via Robin Hill, Amazon World, Sandown, Bembridge, St Helens, Seaview

  • Newport to Ryde

    via Medina or Staplers, Wootton, Binstead

  • 12

    Newport to Alum Bay

    via Shorwell, Brighstone, Freshwater Bay, Freshwater, Totland

  • 22

    Shanklin town service

    serving Lake, Sibden Hill, Newchurch & Esplanade

  • 24

    Yaverland to Shanklin

    via Sandown, Lake

  • 32

    Cowes to Northwood (circular)

    via Gurnard

  • 37

    Ryde town service

    via Haylands & Binstead

  • 38

    Newport town service

    serving Gunville, Carisbrooke & Whitepit Lane

  • 39

    Newport town service

    serving Pan Estate, Sylvan Drive

  • The service Downs Breezer has disruptions

    Ryde to Sandown and back

    via Wootton, Bembridge

    • Problem on the Downs Breezer

      Today 14:31

      The 14.07 Needles Breezer from Robin Hill to Ryde Transport Interchange is not running today due to technical issue. Apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Ryde to Yarmouth

    via Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor, Blackgang Chine, Freshwater Bay, Freshwater, Alum Bay, Totland

  • Yarmouth to Needles Battery and back

    via Freshwater Bay, Alum Bay, Totland

  • Shanklin Bus Station to The Esplanade and back

  • The service Summer Links has disruptions

    Newport to Yarmouth

    via Calbourne, Tapnell Farm

    • 10:00 Departure

      Today 09:45

      Due to a technical issue the 10:00 Summer Links from Newport Bus Station will depart approximately 10 minuets late.