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The Needles Breezer

Today 11:44

Due to strong winds the Needles Breezer is unable to serve the Needles Old and New Batteries. We apologise for any inconvenience caused

Priory Walk bus stop not in use.

13th Jun 2024 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 6

Due to road works in the area the Priory Walk bus stops in both directions are not in use. Your nearest stop will be Niton Rectory Road. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Downsview Road

13th Jun 2024 onwards

Due to works, Downsview Road bus stop (Ryde Bound) cannot be served. Your nearest stop will be The Vine <S.J>

Route 3 - Sandown Road Closed

10th Jun 2024 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 3

Route 3
From 06:00 on the 10th June until 18:00 on the 28th June Sandown Road will be closed.
Stops from Ryedale - Winchester House will not be served in both directions.
Buses will divert from Shanklin Train Station to Lake via Green Lane. This diversion will be in place in both directions. <SJJ>

Route 7 and School route 206 - Wellow Main Road closed

4th Jun 2024 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 7

Wellow Main Road is closed from 08:00 until 20:00 each day between 4th June and 5th July.
The road will be open outside of these times, weekends and between 19th and 25th June (Festival weekend).
The Route 7 will operate from Station Road, left into Ningwood Hill towards Yarmouth. This will operate in both directions.
As a result route 7 buses will be unable to serve stops in Wellow and Thorley.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Copse Lane, Freshwater

27th May 2024 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 7

Copse Lane will be closed from 07:00 on the 28th May until 17:00 on the 27th June

During the closure buses will be unable to serve between Norton Grange to Hookes Close as we will divert along Willmingham Lane in both directions <S.J>

Route 6- Buddle Loop

26th Feb 2024 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 6

There is disruption on the 6 because of roadworks by the Buddle Inn Niton. Due to this the Route 6 is not able to serve Barrack Shute, St Catherine's Rd, The Buddle Inn and Sandrock Road today. Your nearest stops will be, depending on direction of travel; Niton High Street (Ventnor Bound) or Niton Rectory Road (Newport Bound)

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Route 6 and Island Coaster- Castle Road

23rd Feb 2024 onwards

Diversions are in place on the 6 and the Island Coaster because a landslip on Gills Cliff Road.
As a result, buses are currently unable to serve the following stops in Ventnor.
🔸Lower Gills Cliff Road
🔸Ventnor Park
🔸Eversley Hotel
🔸Alpine Road
🔸St. Catherine's Church. .

Your nearest stops will be Ventnor Boots and Pine Point.

Route 3 and Island Coaster - Leeson Road closure

10th Dec 2023 onwards

Due to a Landslide in Bonchurch, buses are unable to serve between Shanklin Daish hotel to Chimney Steps until further notice.
Your nearest stops will be Trinity Church or Shanklin Community Centre