Weekly and Period tickets
Freedom tickets are ideal for the regular traveler or commuter.
Child, young adult and student tickets
Adult fares apply to anyone aged 19 or above, but students 19+ can get up to 25% discount with a valid NUS card.
Concessionary passes
Use your concessionary bus passes for free travel on Southern Vectis bus services between 9:30am and 11pm Monday to Friday, and all weekend!
You can no longer buy any tickets on theKey read to find out your new options
Cross Solent Tickets
All-in-one tickets that enable you to travel on our buses, then across the water on Hovertravel and across the land by bus.
National Express joint ticketing
We've teamed up with National Express to provide a joint ticket to you from the Island to your destination on the mainland.
Home to Hospital
Use one ticket from the Island to Southampton for a seamless journey to hospitals with Southern Vectis, Bluestar and Unilink.
Tap on Tap off contactless payments
bus tickets are easy with tap on tap off, no need to tell the driver where you are going and no need for a paper ticket...