Day and night tickets

If you're going to use a number of our buses on the same day and into the evening, we recommend our 24 and 48 hour Rover and Rover+Breezer tickets for unlimited bus travel, our Multi-Day ticket bundles for occasional travellers and our Nightrider for unlimited travel between 7pm and 7am. 

For longer period bus passes, we recommend our 7 day, 30 day and 90 day Freedom Tickets.

Rover tickets

For unlimited travel across our network for 24 hours, ideal if you are out and about for a day! These tickets allow travel on all services except our Needles and Downs Breezers. If you would like to use these services you will need a Rover+Breezer ticket (see below).

The best way to buy these is via our Southern Vectis app, or direct from your driver using contactless or cash. These tickets are not available on theKey.

  24 hours
adult £10
young adult (17-18 years)/NUS card holders £8
child (5-16 years) £6
group (up to any 5 people) £27.50


Rover+Breezer tickets

Get unlimited travel for 24 or 48 hours. This ticket is a must if you want to enjoy our seasonal Breezer services. Available to buy from your driver or travel shops in Ryde, Yarmouth and Newport or our Southern Vectis app. Rover+Breezer Tickets are valid for use on any bus up until the date and time printed on it - perfect for days out and weekends away. 

  24 hours 48 hours
adult (19 years and over) £14 £17.50
young adult (17-18 years)/NUS card holders £11 £13.50
child (5-16 years) £7.50 £9.50
Infant (under 5s) FREE FREE
group (up to any 5 people) £35 £42
Over 60* £8.50 n/a

*Over 60s ticket is only valid on Needles Breezer, Downs Breezer, Shanklin Shuttle, and the Island Coaster. We sadly cannot accept concessionary bus passes on these routes. The over 60's ticket is paper ticket only and not available on the App.

Multi-day ticket bundles

If you only travel now and again, multi-day tickets offer our cheapest fare. The easiest way to buy them is on our app  or they are available on theKey. Please note that multi-day bundle tickets are special offer tickets and may be withdrawn from sale without notice.

These are available in 5, 15 and 30 day bundles giving unlimited travel across our network including open-top and seasonal routes. Days do not have to be used consecutively and are valid for one year from purchase.

  5 day APP 5 day Key 15 day APP 15 day Key 30 day APP 30 Day Key
adult multi-day bundles     £31.00 £34.00 £74.00 £80.00 £130.00 £140.00
young adult (17-18 years) £24.50 £27.00 £60.00 £68.00 £97.00 £107.00
child (5-16 years) multi-day bundles £19.50 £22.00 £51.00 £57.00 £78.00 £87.00



If you're going out in the evening you can get unlimited travel from 7pm - 7am the following morning. With a nightrider ticket, taking the bus means no parking worries and no need to worry about who's driving!.

Available every night, you can buy your nightrider ticket via our Southern Vectis app, from our Travel Shops, online via your Keycard or direct from your driver using cash or contactless.

  nightrider 7pm- 7am
buy from the driver  £6.50

Through Tickets

Through fares are available to any point across the Island, but must be used within 3 hours of purchase.


Rail Link Singles and Returns

If you are planning on travelling to/from Ventnor on the route 3 bus and then using Island Line to/from Shanklin you are able to purchase a special Rail Link ticket. Available as singles, returns and 7 day tickets. Purchase on the day from the driver.