Bus Travel is Better Together

group of people in front of a bus

We think bus travel can bet better together and a group of 5 can travel together for 24 hours from only £27.50. 

For unlimited travel across our network for 24 hours, ideal if you are out and about for a day! These tickets allow travel on all services except our Needles and Downs Breezers. If you would like to use these services you will need a Rover+Breezer ticket (see below).

The best way to buy these is via our Southern Vectis app, or direct from your driver using contactless or cash. These tickets are not available on theKey.

Rover+Breezer tickets

If you fancy including the Breezer buses you can get unlimited travel for 24 or 48 hours. Available to buy from your driver or travel shops in Ryde, Yarmouth and Newport or our Southern Vectis app. Rover+Breezer Tickets are valid for use on any bus up until the date and time printed on it - perfect for days out and weekends away. 

  24 hours 48 hours
group (up to any 5 people) £35 £42.00