Child, young adult and student tickets

Adult fares apply to anyone aged 19 or above, but students 19+ can get up to 25% discount with a valid NUS card which must show a photograph of the holder and a valid expiry date. 

You can see our range of freedom and multi-day passes below. These are available on our key smartcard and in the mobile APP.

  7 days APP 7 Days Paper 7 Days Key
student (valid NUS card) £21.00 £21.00 £22.00
young adult (17-18 years) £21.00 £21.00 £22.00
child (5-16 years) £14.00 £14.50 £14.80
  30 days APP 30 Days Key
student (valid NUS card) £73.50 £75.00
young adult (17-18 years) £73.50 £75.00
child (5-16 years) £49.00 £50.00
  90 days APP 90 Days Key
student (valid NUS card) £184.00 £188.00
young adult (17-18 years) £184.00 £188.00
child (5-16 years) £122.00 £125.00


If you only travel now and again multi-day tickets are a cheaper way of buying single journeys. These are available on the key or in our mobile app. Available in 5, 15 and 30 day bundles these tickets give you unlimited travel across our network including open-top and seasonal routes. Days do not have to be used consecutively and are valid for two years after purchase. Please note that multi-day bundle tickets are special offer tickets and may be withdrawn from sale without notice.

Multi-day tickets

  5 day APP 5 day Key 15 day APP 15 day Key 30 day APP 30 Day Key
young adult (17-18 years) £23.00 £23.50 £56.00 £58.00 £84.00 £88.00
child (5-16 years) multi-day bundles £18.50 £19.00 £48.00 £50.00 £70.00 £73.00

To buy child or young person tickets in the app, you will need to complete a one-off verification process to prove you or your child's age. If you register for a key card online and upload a photo of yourself and we'll send a personalised one to our travel shop in Newport bus station within three working days for you to collect. You will need to bring an official document with you to prove your date of birth or your NUS card showing your photograph and a valid expiry date when you collect your card.

Download the app

Register or top up a key card.

Once you've received and registered your key card, just go online to load a product and it'll be ready to use within three hours from the time of purchase.