Breastfeeding mothers welcome on our buses

1 year ago Thu 29th Jul 2021

world breastfeeding week 1 - 7 august

We are marking World Breastfeeding Week - Sunday 1 August to Saturday 7 August by encouraging more of the islands new mothers to feel confident when breastfeeding out in public.

“We want to ensure those living and visiting the Isle of Wight know we fully support their right to breastfeed in public - including on any of our buses,” said  Southern Vectis general manager, Richard Tyldsley.

“Many of our customers are mothers and children, and we understand completely that babies need to be fed when they are hungry. To this end, we are signed up members of the Breastfeeding Welcome scheme.”

The principle behind the initiative is to have a recognisable logo that women can identify with and feel confident that they will be well received to breastfeed at a particular venue. Local venues and services agree to display a special sticker and sign up for a Certificate of Good Practice.  

Breastfeeding mothers are protected by the Equality Act (2010), a law which bans unfair treatment. The Equality Act states that it is sex discrimination to treat a woman less favourably because she is breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding Welcome scheme aims to facilitate greater acceptance and promotion of breastfeeding in commercial and community settings with the overall goal of supporting our local breastfeeding mothers and increasing local breastfeeding rates.