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Eddington Road closure

Today 09:04 - 23rd Aug 2022 - 23rd Aug 2022

  • Affected routes:
  • 8
  • Island Coaster
  • Downs Breezer

Eddington Road in St. Helens has been closed for works.
As a result, route 8 is unable to serve the following stops:
🔸Vine Inn
🔸Guildford Road
🔸Nodes Point
🔸Attrill's Corner
🔸St. Helens Church
🔸West Priory Cottages

Institute Hill, NIton

8th Aug 2022 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 6

Institute Hill, NIton is closed for works. As a result, route 6 will not serve the Buddle Loop. Nearest stops are Church Street or Blackgang Road.