Single bus fares reduced to £2!

1 year ago Mon 19th Dec 2022

Single bus fares reduced to just £2 from 1 January 2023!

To help with the cost-of-living pressures the Government is subsidising most single bus fares to just £2. The fare cap was originally set to end on 31 March 2023 but has now been extended until the end of June.

Many school and seasonal bus routes are exempt from this scheme as they are not being funded – here is a full list.

£2 fare overview

If you are a regular traveller, our weekly and monthly tickets will probably still be the best value for you. However, many returns will no longer be required.  

Transfers will be treated as two journeys and transfer fare customers will need to pay £2 for each leg of their journey unless the current transfer fare is less than £4. Transfer fares cannot be bought via Tap on Tap off please ask the driver for a through ticket as singles will not be accepted for onward travel. 

Period passes and weekly tickets


Changes to paper tickets

We will be making some changes to how you can pay for fares during this time, as it is our goal to be more sustainable and reduce the use of paper tickets and the sticky wallets that some customers use for their weekly tickets.

The best way to pay for a single fare is with tap on tap off.  Just tap your contactless card or payment device on the driver’s ticket machine and tap off at the special reader by the door where you get off.  For weekly tickets, the app will offer the best value, but we are introducing weekly fare capping to tap on tap off payments that will be the same price as a paper weekly ticket.

If you use tap on tap off for weekly capping, from 1st January 2023 this will activate on a rolling 7-day basis. So, if your first trip is Tuesday, your 7-day capped fare will be reached at the end of the following Monday.  You MUST use the same bank card or contactless payment device.  You can check your charges or print a receipt via our customer portal

Weekly capping explained


Ways to Pay

Cash paper tickets

Tap on Tap Off

Contactless paper tickets


Single - Adult

Single – Child


(if less than £4)

Dayrider - Adult

Dayrider – Child

Weekly – Adult

Weekly - Child

If your single fare is less than £2, then it still will be. However, if your fare was more than £2 it will be reduced to £2 (this applies to both Adult and Child fares). This fare cap means most return tickets will no longer be required.

Concessionary travellers

Concessionary passes are still valid and free to use after 9.30am Monday to Friday, all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays. However, if you need to travel before 9.30am, you can benefit from the £2 single fare.