coronavirus faq

Who may and who may not travel?

Anyone can travel on our bus services if your journey is deemed as essential. 

An example of this would be if you are travelling to work or making an essential shopping trip.

Only people who are wearing face coverings, unless they are exempt by law can travel.

What timetables are being operated at the moment?

Our timetable pages are always kept up to date with the correct timetable information. As and when we need to make any service changes, we will communicate via a news article on our website and social media channels. For major changes we will also issue a press release for local media to use.

What assistance is provided for disabled passengers?

Our buses are fully accessible, and we can accept wheelchair users and certified mobility scooters if we have room. Our buses are fitted with next stop announcements.  If you require assistance from a driver to help you board, they will assist with the wheelchair ramp and they will be wearing a face cover. You will also be required to have a face covering at the same time.

How are you managing social distancing on board?

All buses have been fitted with additional signage which we ask customers to adhere to. We are asking people to sit in a window seat. If you are travelling with another member of your household (or bubble) you can sit together.

When at the bus stop, please remember to keep 2 metres apart from other passengers. In our bus stations we have added queue markers to the floor surface for you to adhere to.

For more information regarding what's on board, watch our video 

Who needs to wear a face covering?

The Government have made face coverings mandatory on all public transport. See our full article about this, including any exemptions.

What are you doing about keeping the buses clean?

All our buses are undergoing an extra cleaning regime right now. We are focusing on vehicle touch points which are wiped down every night. In some areas we are cleaning these throughout the day as well. 

Are you providing hand sanitiser for your passengers?

Yes, all of our buses are fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers for customers to use. We encourage you to use this when you board and when you exit the bus.

When is best to travel in the context of social distancing?

If you can avoid am and pm peak hours, we are asking that you do so.  We also encourage concessionary passholders to stagger trips throughout the day/week and not all make the 0930 journey. This is because our buses have reduced capacity right due to the social distancing measures on board.

What happens if the bus is full?

If the bus is full the driver will amend the destination blind to indicate this. We are monitoring passenger loadings very carefully, however, if you have been impacted more than once when trying to make an essential journey please contact us.

Can I still pay cash to the driver?

We are asking that you avoid paying cash if you can.  We accept contactless, our app and theKey. However, if you do need to pay cash, we ask that you try and have the exact money as our drivers have limited change right now due to most people converting to other payment methods.

Is your travel shop open?

Yes, we have our shop open on slightly reduced hours. See our full article about advice when using a travel shop.

How often are you going to update your coronavirus information?

We will update you as and when things change.  We communicate via our website and social channels and remind users regularly of the new guidelines via social media.