School Routes from September 2022

10 months ago Fri 29th Jul 2022

changes to school routesFrom September there will be changes to some school routes. 

Route 55

Operates between Medina College and East Cowes (afternoons only)

This route has been withdrawn 

Students who previously used Route 55 in the afternoons should instead use Route 5 from the main road stops outside Medina College at 1515.

Route 67

Operates between West Wight and Christ the King College / Carisbrooke College

This route has been withdrawn

Students who previously used Route 67 who are entitled to IWC free home to school transport will be contacted by IW Council as in most cases they will be accommodated onto IW Council contract buses 203, 204 or 206.

Students who are not entitled to free home to school transport or who cannot be accommodated on the 203, 204 or 206 will need to use Route 7 journeys to and from Lukely Terrace stops, a short walk from the schools.

Route 57

Operates between West Wight and Cowes Enterprise College.

The route in the mornings will be re-organised to start from Totland, operating down through Freshwater then via Afton Road to Freshwater Bay, then back through Freshwater to Colwell then as per current route via Yarmouth, Shalfleet and Parkhurst to Cowes Enterprise College.

Click here to see the new route  


The main change for students is those that board at Totland War Memorial or Coastguard Cottages, as from September they need to board earlier at 0715 rather than 0730, and then all other students can board once the bus has been to Freshwater Bay and is on its way back, at slightly later timings.

There will be no change to the existing departure time of 1455 from the college in the afternoons, and the afternoon route will be unchanged i.e will serve Totland en route to Freshwater and Freshwater Bay.

Route 71 / 72

Minor timetable changes to Routes 71/72 serving Island Free School.

In the mornings, Route 71 will operate slightly earlier from the start of its journey in order to ensure a timely arrival at school, whilst Route 72 has some timings adjusted within the existing journey time.

In the afternoons, both Route 71 and 72 will operate slightly later, leaving the school at 1625.