See your bus’s position using our maps

3 years ago Tue 28th Apr 2020

Image reading ‘Track your bus. Find out where your bus is on our interactive map’

You can now track your bus’s live position on our interactive maps!

An extension to our live departure times which shows you how many minutes away your bus, this latest addition to our website’s features will now also show you your bus’s position on a map.

Seeing exactly where your bus is gives you more time to plan your trip to the bus stop, allows you to have that extra sip of coffee or finish applying that last touch of makeup.

To track your bus, simply find your bus stop using the ‘live departure times’ feature on the homepage or by using the ‘explore’ feature, then press ‘Track buses’ once you’ve found your stop for a full map view.

A screenshot of a map showing the option to track your buses

Alternatively, you can go onto your chosen route’s timetable page and the map will display all buses on that route.

A screenshot showing a bus timetable page which also shows a map depicting the exact location of your buses

Buses appear on the map at their current location as little dots with arrows to show you which direction they are travelling in.

A screenshot showing a bus’s exact position on an interactive map

We hope this helps you to better plan your journey and see exactly where your bus is in real time.

In some rare cases, your bus may not be shown on the map due to a technical issue. You can view our guide on this.