Fares Change from Monday 31st October

1 month ago Wed 19th Oct 2022

fare changes 31 oct

The cost of running our bus services has significantly increased.  This has meant we have had to review the cost of our fares, and have reluctantly increased some ticket prices. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. We have kept any prices rises to an absolute minimum. 

Our single adult fares will increase by approximately 10p, 20p or 30p. Child singles will increase to short hop £1.50, medium hop £2.10, long hop £2.70 and period passes and multi-trip bundles will also have increases,

The good news is our £10 adult day rover will remain unchanged

The best value tickets are available via our mobile app. For single and day tickets we recommend you use Tap On Tap Off paperless ticketing.

Please see a full list of fares below, live as of 31st October.

24 Hour Rover Adult Young Adult  Child Group
  10.00 8.00 6.00 27.50

24 Hour Rover

+ Breezer

Adult Young Adult  Child Group Senior
  14.00 11.00 7.50 35.00 8.50
48 Hour Rover Adult Young Adult  Child Group
  17.50 13.50 9.50 42.00


Ticket Type APP theKey

Adult 5 Day Multi-bundle



Young Adult 5 Day Multi-bundle



Child 5 Day Multi-bundle



Ticket Type APP theKey

Adult 15 Day Multi-bundle



Young Adult 15 Day Multi-bundle



Child 15 Day Multi-bundle



Ticket Type APP theKey

Adult 30 Day Multi-bundle



Young Adult 30 Day Multi-bundle



Child 30 Day Multi-bundle



Ticket Type Paper App theKey

Adult 7 Day Freedom 



Young Adult / Student 7 Day Freedom  £23.00 £23.00 N/A

Child 7 Day Freedom




Group 7 Day Freedom



Ticket Type App theKey

Adult 30 Day Freedom



Young Adult /Student 30 Day Freedom



Child 30 Day Freedom


Ticket Type App theKey

Adult 90 Day Freedom



Young Adult / Student 90 Day Freedom



Child 90 Day Freedom



You will notice some prices are more expensive on our smartcard theKey, which is now over 10 years old and is considered old technology. Cheaper ticket prices are often found on our app.

theKey system is no longer being developed or supported and of late we have sadly experienced some technical issues causing inconvenience to some of our customers. Therefore, we are phasing out this method of buying bus tickets over the coming months. By the beginning of summer 2023 it will be discontinued. This will be a gradual process. Initially we will stop selling ticket types with very low sales.  Some ticket types that are withdrawn are available on our app.

Many customers have already converted to our app which has many other great features, such as:

  • Journey planning
  • Tracking buses in live times
  • Favouriting your regular bus stops and journeys

We have several newer convenient ways to pay, including:

  • mobile app ticketing
  • contactless
  • tap on tap off

If you would like support in converting to the app, our team in the travel shops are more than happy to run you through a demonstration.