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Newport to Ryde via Merstone, Godshill, Shanklin, Sandown, Brading, Tesco

Avenue Road, Sandown

26th Jan - 14th Feb

Avenue Road in Sandown will be closed from 09:00 on Monday 27th January until 16:00 on Friday 14th February 2020. During this time Ryde bound buses will depart the library in Sandown and reach Brading via Cluver Parade and Marschcombe Shute. Buses towards Newport will pass under Morton Common Railway Bridge and enter Sandown Broadway, left into Station Avenue, Albert Road and past the library to resume normal route at Sandown High Street. Anyone for Shanklin, Ventnor and Newport will also have the option of boarding the bus at The Cloisters bus stop on Sandown Broadway as well.

Bow Bridge Closure- Godshill

27th Jan - 28th Feb

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During the closure of Bow Bridge route 2 will divert from Sandown Road, through Arreton, to Apse Heath Roundabout, right into Ventnor Road, Canteen Road and left at Whiteley Bank to continue normal route. During this time route 3 will serve Merstone instead of the route 2. Revised timings can be found on each of the bus stops through Merstone Village.

Diversion on the 2 & 3 from 27th Jan 2020

24th Jan - 21st Feb

Diversions will be in place on the 2 & 3 because of a road closure at Bow Bridge in Godshill from 27th Jan for 4 weeks. Please follow the link for the shuttle timetable in Godshill

Route map

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06:2506:5507:25 - 08:2008:4509:1509:4510:1510:4511:1511:4512:1512:4513:1513:4514:1514:4515:1515:4516:1516:4517:1517:4518:15
06:2806:5807:28 - 08:2408:4909:1909:4910:1910:4911:1911:4912:1912:4913:1913:4914:1914:4915:1915:4916:1916:4917:1917:4918:19
06:3207:0207:32 - 08:2808:5309:2309:5310:2310:5311:2311:5312:2312:5313:2313:5314:2314:5315:2315:5316:2316:5317:2317:5318:23
06:3707:0707:37 - 08:3308:5809:2809:5810:2810:5811:2811:5812:2812:5813:2813:5814:2814:5815:2815:5816:2816:5817:2817:5818:28
06:4407:1407:44 - 08:4109:0609:3610:0610:3611:0611:3612:0612:3613:0613:3614:0614:3615:0615:3616:0616:3617:0617:3618:0618:35