Get there on route 8! Visit Britain's first purpose-built dinosaur museum and step back through 120 million years of fossilised time. Built in the shape of a giant pterosaur, the museum is home to over a thousand fossils and the only known specimen in the world of a 3 foot creature named 'Yaverlandia'.

The new museum displays over 1000 of the best fossils from the collections, and the dedicated museum staff and volunteers have spent much time preparing the specimens for the new displays.  

An introductory exhibition gallery covers the geology and fossils of the Island in a walk back through time, taking the visitor from the Ice Age of the recent past, back to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs lived. This leads to the large dinosaur gallery, which has exciting displays including real fossils, skeletal re-constructions, life sized fleshed re-constructions and two animatronic dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Isle is an all-year-round facility, combining entertainment, education and enjoyment.  Displays use clever lighting, artwork, sound, smells and animatronic technology to create an exciting experience.  As well as the displays, there is a working laboratory on view, and a room set aside for learning sessions.  Full disabled access is available, and the facility has a large shop. Browns cafeteria is immediately next door to the site.  We are located next to the sandy beach at Sandown, within a short distance of the excellent geological exposures at Yaverland.

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