Get there on route 6! Overlooking the spectacular southern heritage coast of the island, Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park is an eccentric mix of exciting rides, goblins & fairies and Restricted area 5 with animatronic life size dinosaurs.

Let your imagination run wild as you start your very own adventure…

You can fight pirates on-board your own ship, discover life sized moving dinosaurs, become a sheriff of your own town, and lock up the outlaws in jail, experience the magic of becoming a fairy princess in your own castle… or explore a sunken shipwreck in our newest theme world Underwater Kingdom.

Set on the cliff tops, with stunning sea-views, and filled with an eclectic mix of attractions, magical theme worlds and exciting rides, you’ll find something for all the family at Blackgang Chine.

Make magical family memories that will last for generations and start your adventure into the land of imagination today!

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