You’re in safe hands

4 months ago Thu 26th Nov 2020

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As lockdown 2 begins to ease we are gearing up for an increase in the number of people travelling across our network as the region heads towards the festive season and shops can re-open.

We’d like to remind all customers that they need look no further than Southern Vectis for safe and reliable transport. Several recent international studies suggest the risk of coronavirus spreading on public transport has remained substantially low throughout the pandemic.

This is, in no small part, due to measures we’ve introduced to comply with the Government slogan of hands, face, space. At Southern Vectis we have enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the day and before our buses enter service - with special focus on touch points such as handrails with anti-viral wipes.

We would like to remind customers to practice safe space social distancing whilst on-board and sit in a window seat, or if you are travelling with someone from your own bubble you can sit next to them. And to help with hand cleanliness we have installed hand sanitisers on each of our buses and we encourage you to use it when entering/leaving the bus.

Please take personal responsibility and follow the rules. To help us provide safe and effective transport for all, we ask all those who can, to wear a face covering when on-board to protect themselves and other passengers. Face coverings are different to face masks. They can be made easily at home - for example with a scarf or bandana.

Here at Southern Vectis, colleagues are looking forward to helping people across the Island enjoy the festive season, reassured in the knowledge that they are in safe hands and that their local bus services are ready-and-waiting for them.