Points to consider

Points to consider

Thank you for considering a career with Southern Vectis as a PCV Driver

This is a highly responsible position in which you will be entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of our customers.

Before completing and returning your application to us, please take the time to read the information below and ensure you fully understand what the role entails.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

Driving licence requirements

  • You must have held a valid United Kingdom driving licence for a MINIMUM of six months
  • You must have no more than THREE penalty points on your licence at the time of application
  • You must have no pending motoring offences at the time of application
  • We will not accept an application if you have convictions for certain driving offences such as driving without due care and attention, alcohol/drug related offences and mobile phone use etc.

Becoming a PCV Driver

We expect all of our employees to provide an excellent customer experience and in return we will offer a supportive and rewarding career. The points below will provide a greater understanding of the position and will help you decide if PCV driving is the career for you.

Customers are our lifeblood and it is the revenue we receive from our customers that pays our wages and makes the Company successful. Our aim is to recruit people who have excellent customer service skills, are polite, pleasant and helpful. We will provide the technical training for successful applicants who display these skills, to become a qualified PCV Driver. If you don’t have the desire to work with people, this is not the career for you.

In order to hold a PCV licence applicants need to successfully pass a medical examination which is required by law. Your driving licence will also be subject to regular checks throughout employment with us.

Points to consider

What training is involved?

In order to gain your PCV licence you are required to undertake both a Theory and Hazard Perception test alongside a case study based assessment before proceeding onto practical training. We will provide the appropriate literature and tuition for these tests but you will need to spend some of your own time studying in order to be successful. You will normally take and be required to pass these tests just before you start employment with us.

Our professional instructors will provide intensive practical driver training. After successfully passing your PCV test we will provide additional on-the road training to further enhance your driving skills over and above what is required by law. This is called “bus plus” training and you will need to pass a further in-house assessment.

On completion of your practical PCV training you will undertake “in service” training with a mentor, serving genuine customers to ensure that you are confident in your new role and have the required skills.

Do I get paid during my training?

Throughout your training and until you have been formally signed off by your line manager as having completed basic training, you will be paid the prevailing training rate of pay. Once you are operating solo without assistance you will be paid the first year rate of pay.

How much will it cost me to gain my PCV driving licence?

Once you have passed your PCV practical test, for the first 3 years of your employment, the Company will make a weekly deduction of £10.00 from your wages. When you complete 3 years continuous service, this money will be paid back to you as a lump sum of
£1,560. If you leave for any reason within the 3 year period, this money will be forfeited and you will be required to pay the following additional sums as the Company will also have made a significant investment in developing your skills:

Leaving employment within Initial training for PCV category D licence

6 months £2,500
1 year £2,100
2 years £1,800
3 years £1,500

Leaving employment within CPC Periodic training

12 months from date of CPC course for existing licence holders
£250 for each day of periodic CPC training completed

What is involved in the role of a PCV Driver?

Focus on customers

A key aspect of our business is ensuring we consider and value the needs of customers in everything we do. The success of our company is hugely dependent on how we value our existing customers and on our ability to encourage new customers to use our services.

We expect all of our employees to provide a quality service and to go the extra mile. If you don’t have a desire to work with people and provide a vital service for your community (with a smile), we do not want you to apply.

Shift work

Being a PCV Driver means that you will be required to undertake shift work and it is important that you fully consider any impact this may have on your family and social life. Shift work suits many people but not everyone; therefore we recommend that you discuss this with your spouse or partner, so that you understand how this may affect you.

Shift work means that you will be required to work either very early or very late on some days. You will be required to work four or five days a week, on a rota basis including regular Saturday and Sunday working. You will also be required to work on Bank Holidays or other public holidays including the Christmas period.

As with all shift work, a degree of flexibility is required. Due to the complex ways we have to schedule our buses and services, daily duties can vary in length and start times, so you must be organised with planning ahead.


Our customers deserve the best service that we can provide and reliability is of the utmost importance, therefore your punctuality and attendance are paramount to the provision of that service. The Company closely monitors attendance and if you don’t think you can commit to attending work on a reliable and regular basis, please do not apply.

Working under all conditions

Once trained, you will be required to operate a number of different routes and some may suffer from significant traffic congestion. You will need the skill and patience to be able to concentrate under difficult driving conditions and maintain high standards of safe driving and customer care in all circumstances.

Apart from in exceptional circumstances, you will be expected to complete your scheduled duty even if
occurrences, such as traffic delays, have made you late. If this occurs, you will be paid for the late finish in accordance with current depot agreements.

Handling money

You are likely to be issuing tickets and handling potentially large amounts of cash and will be responsible for any money you take until it is paid in at the end of each working day. You will also be responsible for any discrepancies and any shortage will normally be deducted from your wages.


Our image is extremely important to us and you will be expected to look smart and presentable at all times. As an ambassador for the Company we will provide you with a uniform, which must be worn correctly at all times whilst on duty.


If you are a smoker, you are only permitted to smoke during designated break periods and ideally (if in uniform) not in a location visible to members of the public. 


There may be opportunities to work overtime on either your rest day, or in addition to a normal days work. This is voluntary and paid at the prevailing rates and must be in line with driving hours and working time regulations.


Holiday is taken on an allocated basis given the nature of our operations, but you may be able to request dates. However, this may only be granted subject to mutual agreements and operational requirements.

Staff travel pass

You will be provided with a free travel pass, which may be used to travel on all Go South Coast services at any time. You will also be entitled to a free nominee pass.

Open door policy

We believe in an open door policy at Go South Coast. If you have a problem we would like to hear from you. Your views count so please come and discuss matters with your manager.

Go South Coast is committed to the development of our staff; we will train you to achieve the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) which all PCV drivers must attain. In addition to this we will support you with regular training and development to ensure your skills are best tuned to the requirements of our customers. Any other questions you have about being a professional driver can be answered at the interview stage.