The Perks of Going Paperless

1 year ago Fri 2nd Aug 2019

Like many eco-conscious businesses on the Island, we’re doing our best to reduce Southern Vectis’ impact on the environment through our investment in modern cleaner buses, promotion of sustainable transport and reducing our use of paper for timetables…but we need your help.

Earlier this year we created 15 brightly coloured timetable bins positioned at all major travel links to the island. We encouraged our customers to reuse and recycle their bus timetables with an aim to cap the number of timetables printed and reduce print numbers year on year.

As we continue to see a demand for page heavy timetables, we are you to consider two things...

1. To consider the perks of going paperless.

If you find yourself in need of a bus timetable, before you reach for our paper book why not check for the info online?

With a recently upgraded website, planning your bus journey with Southern Vectis has never been easier. Everything you need to know about our services can be found on our website, with downloadable PDF Timetables to keep on your phone, a Live Departures feature, a Journey Planner and you can even search your location to find your nearest stop to get you home.

As well as our website, we offer an ever developing mobile app, Clickit2Ride. Download the app for free on your smartphone, use it to find your nearest stop and how far away your bus is with live tracking. You can also buy your tickets online, saving on paper tickets on board.

Not only will taking your travel planning online help save the trees, it means no more bulky timetable in your back pocket or hand bag and one less random item in THE drawer at home – everyone has one.

Find out more about the Clickit2Ride Mobile app and download today for Apple or Android.

2) Play your part in our Timetable Amnesty.

If you have spare or out of date timetables at home on the side, in your bag, on your desk – wherever! Please don’t bin it, instead return your timetables to the Reuse & Recycle bins to be used by someone who needs it and to eventually be pulped for recycling by us.

You can find our brightly coloured Reuse & Recycle bins at:

- Red Funnel East Cowes/Southampton

- Red Jet Cowes/Southampton

- Visit Isle of Wight

- Hovertravel Ryde/Southsea

- Wightlink Ryde/Portsmouth

- Newport Travel Shop

- Ryde Travel Shop

- Wightlink Fishbourne/Portsmouth

-  Wightlink Yarmouth/Lymington.

Don’t hoard it, don’t bin it – please return it!

Help us make the best use of the paper timetables in circulation and pick up only what you need - or go online!

Read more about our Reuse & Recycle bins.