International Women’s Day - Southern Vectis celebrates diverse workforce

4 months ago Fri 6th Mar 2020

Southern Vectis colleagues gathered this week, to celebrate International Women’s Day - Sunday 8 March. 

The Isle of Wight bus operator boasts a high proportion of female drivers - bucking the national industry trend. 

“We are proud of our diverse workforce - and we actively encourage women to build successful careers within the transport industry,” said Southern Vectis general manager, Richard Tyldsley. 

“In the past, our industry has been largely dominated by men, but that is fast changing, as we look to recruit the very best talent - and gender just doesn’t come into that decision process. 

“Those wishing to join our team can choose from a wide range of roles - from driver to marketing or engineering - and each offers its own mix of challenges and rewards.”

Almost a quarter of Southern Vectis’ driving team is female.  

“We’re delighted to be celebrating International Women’s Day knowing we are among the best at attracting the very best to work with us - regardless of gender,” added Richard. “But there is still much to do, and will be continuing our efforts to make a role in the bus industry a tempting employment prospect for all.”

Southern Vectis driver, Georgina Louise Rogers (49), added: “I joined the company seven months ago and I’ve never been a driver before. I was an exams and data manager previously. I went to university, got a degree, but wanted something different. I absolutely love my job.

“People aren’t so shocked to see a woman bus driver anymore because there are so many of us - which is great. I would recommend it to anyone because it makes you feel like a real cog of the island. One guy got off my bus recently and said ‘thank you so much - you’re the first person I’ve spoken to all week'. It was great to feel I’d made a difference.”

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