Go green, Go clean

10 months ago Fri 25th Oct 2019

Go Green

With Island locals and visitors faced with a diminishing amount of free parking and ever increasing parking charges, never has there been a better time to consider bus travel on the Isle of Wight.

Today the average car owner can expect to pay out £2,300*per annum for their vehicle, covering road tax, insurance, repairs, fines, MOT and fuel. Adding to this annual running cost are daily parking charges, now up 23% across Isle of Wight long and short stay car parks.

If not provided with off road parking at their place of work, employees can now expect to pay up to £7 for 6 to 10 hours parking in a long stay car park on the Isle of Wight – adding an additional £35 a week to vehicle running costs. That’s an additional £1,610 per annum in parking costs, based on an average 46, five day working weeks in a year (230 working days).

By switching from car to bus, a more sustainable mode of transport, customers can reduce all monthly travel costs to just £93 month with a 30 day Freedom ticket, offering 30 days unlimited travel for just £3.10 a day. This ticket is valid for use on 30 consecutive days.

For unlimited bus travel when you need it, customers can make use of our 30 day multi-day bundle. Available on the Key and via our mobile app, the multi-day bundle offers 30 days unlimited travel with no restrictions on usage - your time, your travel, your way.

At £111 the 30 day multi-day bundle offers commuters using the bus five days a week, unlimited travel for six weeks - working out at £3.70 a day, £74 a month (20 days) and £851a year (230 days).

With unlimited fares available for less than the price of a fancy coffee, bus travel costs significantly less per day, week, month and year than daily Isle of Wight parking charges - and without the running costs of a car.

Not only is catching the bus a more cost effective option to running a car, it’s also better for the environment.

We’re realistic in understanding the convenience and comfort of a car, however making a decision to switch from car to bus just one day a week can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

One full double decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road every day, reducing harmful emissions and congestion. Plus, the views are pretty great on the Island too, offering a rare moment for you. Read a book, enjoy a coffee, listen to music, catch up on emails, update your social – or just sit back and do absolutely nothing. Bliss.

Investing £3.7 million into sustainable transport on the Isle of Wight, our brand new ADL Enviro 400 MMC buses use greener, cleaner Euro 6 engines and produce fewer emissions than a brand new car with a Euro 6 engine – despite having 15 to 20 times the capacity.

With a Euro 6 diesel car emitting on average 10 times more NOx per km than a Euro 6 diesel bus, today buses play an important role in improving local air quality and are helping to make our towns cleaner places to live and work.

Through this investment, Southern Vectis are proud to support our local community and to play our part in preserving the beauty of Isle of Wight.

*As calculated in a poll of 2000 UK motorists by Autoeurope.