Encouraging you to take the bus on 8th October for Clean Air Day

2 months ago Tue 29th Sep 2020


illustration of bus and text time to go greener and calendar showing October 8th

We're marking Clean Air Day which takes place on Thursday 8 October, by urging people across the Isle of Wight to leave their cars at home and travel by sustainable transport instead.

“We are committed to helping improve the quality of air we breathe in the region, and we have been working on this in a number of ways over recent years - including investing in new, greener, vehicles,” said Richard Tyldsley, Southern Vectis general manager. 

“Buses have the potential to take many cars off the road - even with current on-board social distancing measures in place. 

“And there are potential health benefits too. Beyond the bus journey itself, a relatively overlooked aspect of public transport commuting is the ‘first and last miles’ - that is the four daily journeys that people make to-and-from their homes and workplaces. This provides the ideal opportunity to integrate a good amount of physical activity into their daily lives.

“Our website makes planning a journey really simple and will even show passengers how many steps they would take to walk to a bus stop, which bus route to take and how long they will be on the bus, then the amount of steps they will need to take to get to their final destination. It will even calculate how much Co2 they would save compared to driving.

“Bus travel has changed beyond recognition over recent years, and those who haven’t travelled with us recently will be amazed at the enhancements we’ve made. 

“Our new buses have more comfortable seating, USB charging points for smartphone and tablet users, accept mobile phone payments, as well as contactless and many sport the very latest Euro 6 low emissions engines. And now we have reinstated our services to pre-Covid levels, so those travelling with us can be assured our buses are safe, frequent and reliable.

“Although our capacity is slightly reduced due to social distancing measures, we have a useful ‘busy bus’ checker tool. Our customers can check a bus en-route to see how busy it is - enabling them to make a decision to catch a later bus if required.”