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All aboard the bus to Terror Island…

4 months ago Fri 27th Sep 2019

If a night spent running from blood-thirsty serial killer zombies, evil sea spirits and cursed Pagan skeletons is the adrenaline filled scare-fest that gets your blood pumping, then take your seat aboard the bus to Terror Island!

This special evening service taking you into the heart of pure unadulterated horror, will depart hourly from Newport Bus Station and takes just 25 minutes to drive you into the depths of hell - and back again.

The bus to Terror Island will run Friday and Saturday of the event, costing just £5 for a return ticket, should you make it out alive…

Tickets to your 'final destination' can be paid for with cash or contactless onboard this special service.
(Rovers and Freedom passes will not be accepted aboard the event bus)

See you there, if you dare!

Catch the Terror Bus from Newport Bus Station to Terror Island at Blackgang Chine on:

  • Saturday 19th October
  • Friday 25th October
  • Saturday 26th October
  • Thursday 31st October
  • Friday 1st November
  • Saturday 2nd of November

The bus will run hourly to and from the event:

Depart Newport Bus Station 1800 1900 2000 2145 2245
Arrive Terror Island @ Blackgang Chine 1825 1925 2025 2210 2310
Depart Terror Island @ Blackgang Chine 1830 1930 2115 2215 2315
Arrives Newport Bus Station 1855 1955 2140 2240 2340

Terror Island is an extreme horror experience taking place at Blackgang Chine between 19th October and 2nd November 2019. The event has been curated by Atmosfear International, a company hosting over 250 scare attractions across the UK for top brands and attractions.

Terror Island offers three new grisly experiences for thrill seekers and horror fans here on the Isle of Wight:

Step inside the secret hideaway of a bloodthirsty band of serial-killer smugglers, explore the rotting cabins and encounter the half-human incumbents who are dying to MEAT you…

Unleash the ancient spirits of the sea that have been enraged by the lives saved by the old oratory at St. Catherine’s, bringing with them the terrors of the deep and wreaking their vengeance.

Discover the site of a recent archaeological excavation that has unearthed the skeletal remains of an ancient Pagan deity, invoking a primitive Pagan magical hex. Join the dig if you dare and discover the age-old secrets.

And, if that’s still not enough to get your heart racing, take a stomach-churning ride on Cliffhanger and a dark descent on Waterforce. 


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