We have delivered a bus full of items to MAD-aid for onward donation to Ukrainian refugees

3 months ago Wed 30th Mar 2022

Simon and Dave with Ukraine donations

Like many people across the world, colleagues have been troubled by the plight of Ukrainian refugees and wanted to do something to try and help.

“We have all been horrified by what we’ve seen over the past month - watching helplessly whilst so many have been suffering the ravages of war and been displaced from their homes. We just wanted to do whatever we could,” said Southern Vectis operations manager, Simon Moye.

“The Southern Vectis team here on the Isle of Wight has been collecting a whole range of items - from baby milk formula and hygiene products to bedding, clothes, plates and cutlery, sleeping bags and much more.

“This week we delivered the items to the Medical Aid Delivery charity MAD-Aid, who will ensure they reach people in Ukraine and Moldova. At a time when we should all pull together to help those in need, it’s been heartwarming that so many people here have been keen to get involved.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine. We hope they are able to live their lives freely again very soon.”

MAD-Aid started with the Medical Aid Delivery program - which facilitates the transfer of high quality equipment no longer needed by British NHS hospitals to hospitals in dire need of improvement. At the same time, it helps the UK hospitals save the cost of storage or disposal of equipment they no longer need.

It went on to establish and operate a UK-standard modern day care and early intervention and rehabilitation centre for children and teenagers with special needs.

For more information, please visit mad-aid.org.uk