Thursday, November 15 2018

Bus Driver Gavin was nominated as our October Vectis Champion for going above and beyond, while off duty.

While travelling on Route 9 to an appointment, Gavin noticed his driver away from the wheel and on his phone and so went downstairs to investigate.

A passenger had become unwell at a bus stop and was having a diabetic episode. The driver was calling an ambulance, but had hurt his own back in the process of trying to move and help the customer.

Gavin quickly sprung into action and took care of the customer, moving them with the aid of another customer on the bus and allowing the driver to focus on the 999 call and speak with our control room.

Once paramedics had seen to and taken the unwell customer to hospital, Gavin drove the bus back to Newport Depot for it to return to service, as the driver had really hurt his back during the episode.

The driver on duty and Southern Vectis Operations Manager Simon Moye both nominated Gavin for the latest Vectic Champion award for his actions. Well done Gavin.

We love to receive your feedback and you can also vote for your Vectis Champion every month. Simply pop into one of our travel shops to request a nomination form, or click HERE to submit your nomination.


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