Wednesday, March 14 2018

As of Sunday 25th March, all Southern Vectis routes will switch to our 2018 Summer Timetable.

As ever, we have endeavoured to make as few changes to timetables as possible, working to add additional buses and times to popular summer routes to ensure regular commuters are not affected during the high season.

All Summer Tables are now online to view HERE.

Our brand new timetable book and seasonal brochures are both now available to pick up from the Travel Shops, ferry ports and all other regular outlets.

If you rely on the bus daily for work and other appointments, we advise reviewing the new timetables in advance to avoid confusion at the time of the change.

Please also note the timetable change coincides with the clocks going forward one hour.

See all changes to the routes below, in effect as of Sunday 25th March 2018:

ROUTE 2 & 3
Minor changes have been made to some journey times to improve the reliability of this popular service.

Evening bus times have been amended.

Minor changes to morning and afternoon bus times to improve reliability of this service.

Buses at 0655 and 1755 from Newport Bus Station are extended beyond Totland to Alum Bay.
The 0748 bus from Totland will additionally serve Alum Bay.

Minor changes have been made to most journey times on this route, with daytime buses between Ryde and Newport running five minutes later.
Additional buses will run between Newport and Sandown from 30th June to 2nd September in line with the high season.

An additional bus will run at 0930 from Newport.
An additional bus will run at 1035 from Alum Bay.

Buses will reroute in Ryde from West Street, servicing Swanmore Road, Partlands Avenue (for Ryde Clinic), Pellhurst Road, Ratcliffe Avenue, Swanmore Road to Ashey Road – then following the existing route.

Bus times on Monday through to Saturday afternoon have been amended to improve reliability of this service.

Routes, 1, 6, 9, 22, 24, 32, 39

In addition to our usual network services, we are pleased to once again offer our seasonal open top and coastal services – The Needles Breezer, The Downs Breezer, The Shanklin Shuttle and Island Coaster. For all information on these routes and where to visit, please click HERE.

*Please also be aware that on the same day, Sunday 25th March, Newport Bus Station will operate a new layout. You may need to catch your bus from a different stand as of this date. Please see all info relating to the new layout HERE.*

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