St George’s School offer invaluable travel training for students

Monday, January 15 2018


Southern Vectis provides bus passes so trainers can prepare pupils with severe and complex needs for bus travel across the island.

“The school does an excellent job, making sure more its vulnerable young people understand how to use bus services here,” said Richard Tyldsley, Southern Vectis general manager.

“We are pleased to be able to support teachers in their very worthwhile activities, by providing them with free travel. It complements our customer promise training programme, which all our drivers take - so they are more aware of all our passengers’ needs. It was great meeting with Oscar Le Neve Foster (15) - who has been helped by this initiative - and learning about his experiences.

“I’m delighted he’s enjoying his journeys with Southern Vectis - and I’d like to wish him success in his future travels.”

Isabel Bardsley, from St George’s School, added: “It’s wonderful seeing our pupils gain greater confidence. Making sure they’re comfortable when catching the bus is key because it will help them gain independence. It’s a vital tool for increasing levels of social inclusion across the island.

“We teach them which buses they need to take, where to wait, and how to recognise destination landmarks. We also make sure they understand how to board buses, showing their pass to the driver - and even the best places to sit. It’s very rewarding to see them managing the entire process independently. The help we receive from Southern Vectis is absolutely invaluable.”


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