the big freeze

Friday, May 05 2017

Hop on board, see the splendour of the Isle of Wight and know that you’re travelling sustainably with a value for money ticket.

Buses provide the perfect and affordable solution to reducing air pollution, and we’re committed to making sustainable transport an attractive option here on the island.

We have listened to our customers over recent years, and have been doing all we can to freeze our prices. Providing a viable alternative for those who may otherwise use their cars is key to helping reduce harmful emissions, and improving the local environment for people living and working in the area.

Some of our ticket prices have been frozen for over 10 years; the 24 hour Rover ticket has been frozen at £10 since 2007, the Freedom 7 ticket has been frozen since 2012 at £24, and the five multi-day ticket bundle has been frozen since 2013 priced at just £25. 

There are many other great value for money ticket options too, check out Rover & multi-day tickets here & Freedom tickets here.

Check out all the great places you can get to with Southern Vectis here.

Hop on board and feel the freeze!


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